About the Maker

Adam Remington

In order to understand Adam Remington’s work, one must first understand the man himself. Having already taken top marks at the University of Arizona as an Electrical Engineer, Adam was still hungry to know more, to understand better, to master additional skills. In short, he says, “It did not feed my desire to create, to use my hands and my mind together.” So Adam went on to study art, and at the intersection of art and engineering found his his true passion, pipemaking.

Adam poured himself into pipemaking, applying the full weight of his expertise as an engineer to secure the finest precision tooling and the highest quality materials in the world.

For several years, Adam remained completely self taught, quietly striving for greater and greater degrees of perfection in his shaping, engineering, and finish work. In the tradition of Bo Nordh, Adam has a near fanatical devotion to achieving perfection. No surface goes untouched. No detail is left to chance. The face of the shank is given the same attention as the curvature of the bowl. Yet the overall effect is more than just the sum of its parts.

Adam is the son of an artist and a physician, blessed with a passion for enquiry from his mother and, in equal measure, an aptitude for the aesthetic from his father. His brother was educated in the West but studied Buddhism in the East, having a foot in both worlds. Adam gradually absorbed this Eastern thought, and it has come to rest very near his core. He is fascinated with Japanese pottery, Eastern notions of beauty and balance, and the idea that one must strive for perfection without the assurance, or even hope, of achieving it.

Pipe Materials

For a year Adam lived and worked in Nashville, TN alongside preeminent American pipemaker, Todd Johnson. Todd and Adam became fast friends when Adam spent a month studying with Todd at The Briar Studio (TBS), a collaborative space for pipemakers from all over the world.

Todd says of Adam “he has a natural aptitude for pipemaking like I’ve never seen before. No one, myself included, has ever achieved such mastery of these skills in so short a time. We worked alongside one another every day, and so I do not say this lightly. I think, many years from now, he will go down as one of the greatest pipemakers ever to have lived.”

Adam currently produces 60-75 pieces per year and they range in price from $600 USD to $2000+. He has two grades, Circle-A for pipes of significant distinction, and his Lotus grade, as of yet, unused.